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  • Spec Ops the Line: chopper

    Spec Ops the Line: chopper
    You start the game on a helicopter with a minigun. Deal with enemy choppers....
    Spec Ops the Line: chopper

    Spec Ops the Line: cover

    Spec Ops the Line: cover
    Spec Ops uses a cover system that lets you shoot and duck into and out of combat....
    Spec Ops the Line: cover

    Spec Ops the Line: allies

    Spec Ops the Line: allies
    Control your allies by holding your middle mouse click....
    Spec Ops the Line: allies

    Spec Ops the Line: execute

    Spec Ops the Line: execute
    Execute injured allies by hitting shift near them....
    Spec Ops the Line: execute

Spec Ops The Line Gameplay

Spec Ops The Line Gameplay

Spec Ops The: Line is the thrilling third-person shooter title from developer Yager Development and publisher 2K Games. Set in sandstorm-struck Dubai, Spec Ops: The Line puts you in the role of Captain Walker who braves the city’s dusty ruins in search of US Army Colonel John Konrad and his 33rd Infantry battalion. Your military training – and more importantly, the very fiber of your morality – will be tested as you delve deeper into the mysterious cause and aftermath of the desert disaster. Story as much as combat drives this mmofps forward in single-player campaign mode. You must learn how to use natural covers effectively and exercise full control over your squad to survive the harsh environment of this no-man’s land.

As you make your way through the game, weapon upgrades such as rifles and machine guns can be obtained from defeated enemies. These arms can be attached with custom attachments such as a scope for better aim and scouting utility. The three-man squad you control in Spec Ops: The Line will follow targeting commands like focusing fire on one enemy, or more defensive tactics such as saving a comrade who is low on health. And this will happen more than a few times, as the inhabitants of decaying Dubai come at you with a dangerous mix of rage and desperation. The single-player campaign ends when you finally get to track down Colonel John Konrad and discover the mad truth behind the chaos.

Spec Ops: The Line also has a multiplayer mode which pits you against another team in a head-to-head shoot-out. Game modes include the classic deathmatch, team deathmatch, rally point and many more. The environment also plays a key role in matches. Sandstorms sweep into the battlefield, providing cover to those who know how to take advantage of the situation. There are also natural booby traps like sand pits that can you can use, or be used against you. All multiplayer maps are based in and around the Dubai wasteland – from the cleared-out city streets prime for urban guerilla warfare to opulent abandoned buildings with maze-like layouts. Doing well in multiplayer will raise your rank and unlock new weapons, gear and even challenges. Like in competitive MMO and MOBA games, leaderboards will broadcast the best teams and your team can issue challenges to prove your worth and skill. A free demo of this MMOFPS is available for download, but the retail box of the game needs to be purchased to unlock the full single-player and multiplayer modes.

By Rachel Rosen

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