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  • Space Marine: gut

    Space Marine: gut
    Gut those little gretchen with your melee weapons....
    Space Marine: gut

    Space Marine: life

    Space Marine: life
    Keep an eye on your shields and life. Your shield will regenerate quickly when you are out of combat, but health will not....
    Space Marine: life

    Space Marine: objective

    Space Marine: objective
    As you play the single player game, you will find new objectives. Pay attention to find out what you need to do....
    Space Marine: objective

    Space Marine: bolter

    Space Marine: bolter
    Now I have an ally and new weapon, a Bolter. This is more of an automatic style weapon but does have limited ammunition....
    Space Marine: bolter

Space Marine Gameplay

Space Marine Gameplay

Space Marine is a blood-spattering MMOFPS set in the same riveting universe as the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop and video games. In Space Marine, you play and control the hero Captain Titus as he tries to repel a horde of Orks that have come to invade the Imperial Forge World, a planet that produces weapons critical to human survival. As a high-ranking member of the elite Ultramarines squad, you will lead by example and slay all the Orks that stand in your way. The MMOFPS combat in Space Marine is fast, furious and filled with gore and explosions. Enemies will become progressively harder the deeper you are in the campaign, and will travel to various locations of the Imperial Forge World to neutralize threats as they pop up.

Players can choose their signature killing style, from bombarding at ranged distance to smashing heads in melee brawls. The ends justify the brutal means – as long as you annihilate as many Orks as possible and fulfill your mission. Throughout the game, you will pick up various destructive weapons. Surrounded? Tear through enemies with the mighty swing of your chain sword, power sword or thunder hammer. Need to thin out the incoming waves? Let loose those plasma guns, bolters and bolt pistols. Space Marine offers equally explosive hack-and-slash and shooter action. Or when all else fails, resort to mass murdering weapons of destruction such as a grenade-blasting vengeance launcher.

Of course, those Orks and Chaos horrors won’t just be standing there for your target practice. Orks come in all sorts of vicious forms. There’s the dual-axed Slugga Boy and the straight-shooting Rokkit Boyz. They usually attack in packs, and it can get messy when different ones work together. You just have to take them down one a time and use environmental covers to get the job done. Chaos space marines, though, are tougher foes all around. These corrupted humans that have bent to the will of the dark gods boast inhuman strength and resilience – of course nothing you can’t handle with your hero skills. Once you finish the Space Marine campaign mode, there are downloadable content available separately. These contain everything from new character skins to bonus modes. The “Chaos Unleashed” DLC, for example, allows you to jump over to the dark side and play as a corrupted Chaos soldier. Multiplayer maps are also bundled together with the DLC to freshen up the PvP experience in Space Marine.

By Rachel Rosen

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