Soldier Front 2 Invites Players into Its Open Beta

By Josh Wirtanen
Soldier Front 2 Launches Open Beta

Aeria Games has finally opened the floodgates on its upcoming online FPS Soldier Front 2. That's right, its open beta testing has begun, and this comes with "additional content not seen in the closed beta testing phase."

So what exactly is included in this new content? Well, according to an official press release: "Players can arm themselves with an arsenal of newly released guns, and take their newfound weaponry into the new Escape mode. Escape is a pulse-pounding battle wherein one team must first reach and activate a signal point to call down a helicopter and then fight their way to exit point. The opposing team’s objective is to prevent any enemies from ever reaching the helicopter, by either running out the clock or exterminating the escaping team."

And there are new maps too. "Along with the new mode come four more maps previously unavailable in closed beta. The Shipyard has been added to Deathmatch options, while Team Deathmatch sees the addition of the Bazaar, Desert, and Base maps. Desert is also available for selection in the bomb-defusing Sabotage mode."

But perhaps the most exciting thing about the Soldier Front 2 open beta is what Aeria Games is referring to as "Bear Hunts." Essentially, these let you hunt down and kill GMs in the game. Oh, and these GMs will also be handing out prizes to top performers, so don't humiliate them too badly.

Soldier Front 2 isn't yet available for European or Middle Eastern gamers, but those in North America can hop into the action right now. It's completely free-to-play.

Soldier Front 2 Adds New Maps


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