Soldier Front 2 briefs us on Challenge and weapon progression systems

By Michael Jamias
soldier front 2 challenge weapon systems

By completing challenges and securing increasingly powerful weapon upgrades, Soldier Front 2 fans can ensure their long-term dominance in the futuristic cold shooter MMO.

Soldier Front 2 developer Aeria Games said that the Challenge system will set ever-higher milestones for players, from killing a number of opponents to playing a certain number hours to securing a collection of headshots.

Basically, the Soldier Front 2 Challenge system will keep fans focused on achievable goals that they can chase and earn increasingly powerful weapon unlocks.

"In addition to bragging rights, challenges are key to growing out a player's arsenal of weapons," said Aeria Games. This is because higher milestones will unlock more powerful versions of particular guns.

Unlocked weapons can be purchased with points earned from winning and playing Soldier Front 2 matches. The progression system suggests that both skill in completing challenges as well as dedication in playing the game as much as possible will be key to powering up fast in the free mmofps.

The rest of the public though will have to wait a little more to get their hands on the Challenge system. Soldier Front 2 is currently in an invite-only Early Access phase, with closed beta sign-ups ongoing. Early Access invites can be obtained via giveaways at the Soldier Front 2 Facebook page.


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