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Soldier Front 2 Launches Open Beta
Aeria Games has finally opened the floodgates on its upcoming online FPS Soldier Front 2. That's right, its open beta testing has begun, and this comes with "additional content not seen in the closed beta testing phase." So what exactly is included in this new content? Well, according to an official press release: "Players can arm themselves with an arsenal of newly released guns, and take their newfound weaponry into the new Escape mode. Escape...
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Jun 27 2013
soldier front 2 exclusive interview
A near-future cold war heats up in Soldier Front 2, the free mmofps developed by Dragonfly. Players take on the role of an elite combat specialist taking part in a shadowy war for domination. The game is currently on closed Beta with a planned release for this summer. We had the opportunity to ask Kennan Ho, Product Manager at Aeria Games, few questions about all aspects of the upcoming Soldier Front 2. Check it out:  What are some key feat...
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Jun 15 2013
soldier front 2 challenge weapon systems
By completing challenges and securing increasingly powerful weapon upgrades, Soldier Front 2 fans can ensure their long-term dominance in the futuristic cold shooter MMO. Soldier Front 2 developer Aeria Games said that the Challenge system will set ever-higher milestones for players, from killing a number of opponents to playing a certain number hours to securing a collection of headshots. Basically, the Soldier Front 2 Challenge system will ke...
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Jun 06 2013