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  • SD Gundam: modes

    SD Gundam: modes
    SD Gundam has modes for single player, cooperative vs AI and PvP....
    SD Gundam: modes

    SD Gundam: coop

    SD Gundam: coop
    Cooperative missions are dungeon like experiences for groups or solo players wanting to hack and slash some enemy Gundams....
    SD Gundam: coop

    SD Gundam: jetpack

    SD Gundam: jetpack
    The jetpack allows players to jump to high places, fly away, or dash to or from enemies....
    SD Gundam: jetpack

    SD Gundam: boss

    SD Gundam: boss
    Be prepared to fight Gundam bosses at the end of AI missions....
    SD Gundam: boss

SD Gundam Gameplay First Look - HD

SD Gundam Gameplay First Look - HD

SD Gundam is a free to play FPS MMO developed by Softmax and published by Joyfun. The game is part of the Gundam universe that originated back in 1979 when the first Gundam anime was aired. SD Gundam features all types of Gundam units. Players collect these customizable units and use them to take part in exciting PvP matches and PvE scenarios. Completing missions is a good training exercise. There are 2 types of SD Gundam missions: solo and co-op. Quests are great way to get rewards, unlock new units and features. New players should complete the tutorial mode before adventuring into the real SD Gundam action. The Training Mode is a good way to test new units or to try new tactics and strategies.

Understanding how SD Gundam units work is an important part of the game. Each unit has a set of stats: agility, attack, defense, speed, HP and special attack. Units are divided based on their rank. The rank measures a unit’s combat performance. The attack range categorizes units in: melee units for close quarters combat, mid ranged and long ranged units. Each type is strong against one type and weak against another. This system was implemented to maintain unit balance and ensure fair gameplay. Each battle drains a unit’s energy, units with 0 energy cannot take part in fights. SD Gundam is a versatile MMO FPS with more than 300 available units. Players can scrap unwanted units and even build new ones. Stickers and paint are used to personalize units appearance. Hard earned game points and premium currency are spent in the Shopping Room. Players can acquire new units, decorative items and equipment. While SD Gundam PvE missions may be a good way to train and get rewards, the exciting part of the game is the PvP action.

SD Gundam is a free MMO that supports various types of PvP modes with different rules. Some are simple modes that reward players for enemy kills. Team work plays an important role because there are modes where the entire team is penalized for the death of individual players. Boss mode is one of the most challenging SD Gundam PvP modes. One player from each team is randomly picked and transformed into a powerful boss. The team that manages to kill the enemy boss wins the match. The largest PvP maps support 12 players and there are 30 different battle maps with unique landscape and features. SD Gundam is a good choice for Gundam universe fans that prefer fast paced PvP matches over PvE raids.

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