Sanctum ships out “Still Alive” DLC, Map Pack 2 on Steam

By Michael Jamias
sanctum still alive dlc

Sanctum’s new free downloadable content will add two new towers and the Tesla Gun to your alien-killing arsenal.

In the trailer from developer Coffee Stain Studios, we see that the Tesla Gun is an electrifying new weapon for fps mmo fans,  shooting out steady electric pulses of destruction. Meanwhile, the two new towers, Drone Tower and Accelerator, look to be effective killing machines deserving of a spot in your defensive line-up.

Sanctum has also released the pay-to-unlock Map Pack 2, which will add fresh frantic fun to the sci-fi tower-defense MMOFPS. It will open up three new levels -- Industry, Chasm, and Invasion – “each with their own new challenges through never before tested layouts.”

Sanctum – Map Pack 2 is available now for $4.99 on Steam. To celebrate the release, all Sanctum DLC (including Map Pack 2) will be available for 20% off for a limited time.

Coffee Stain Studios has also announced a free mmorpg weekend for Sanctum. From October 11 through 14, Sanctum will be free to play on Steam, with the base game and Sanctum Collection on sale at a 75% discount, along with a 20% discount on all DLC packs, which includes Map Pack 2, Map Pack 1 and the Official Soundtrack.


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