Sanctum Hosts Mac Beta on Steam Ahead of August 13 Platform Launch

By Michael Jamias
sanctum mac steam beta

The Mac version of Sanctum is two weeks away from release, and what better way to herald the coming of this much-awaited port than to hold an exclusive beta via Steam.

Every owner of Sanctum will see the beta visible in the Steam Game Library as “Sanctum Beta”, ready for installation, said Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios which developed the strategy MMOFPS.

Meanwhile, those who have not bought Sanctum can fill up an application form and submit it for a chance at scoring a beta key.

The beta will feature the hybrid tower defense-shooter gameplay that made Sanctum a hit when it released in April 2011 with sales so far totaling to 350,000 on all platforms – a feat considering it was only the second title to come out from the Swedish videogame developer.

So far, a few forum users have reported instances of the Mac version crashing, freezing and error messages displaying after download. This reveals that the platform transition still has some glitches to sort out, which is where the beta should come in handy. “The goal with this beta is to find any final issues ahead of the launch,” assured Mr. Westbergh.

Sanctum for Mac will officially release on August 13, 2012 – and hopefully, cleared of these game-breaking bugs.


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