Sanctum 2 switches on new sandbox mode

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 sandbox mode

The newest Sanctum 2 patch has activated a free sandbox mode that lets fans tweak major game parameters.

Under the Sanctum 2 sandbox mode, players can edit the resources gained on each wave in the tower-defense mmofps, as well as have the option to scale up or down enemy HP. The Tower Cap can even be turned on or off as a player pleases.

Sanctum 2 sandbox mode opens up a ton of customization that fans have been requesting for since launch day, according to developer Coffee Stain Studios.

"We hope it’ll allow our players to play around more, experiment and that it’ll add a lot more replayability to the game," it added.

Together with the sandbox mode announcement, the developer also confirmed that work has started on the second DLC, which will follow the recently released Road to Elysion DLC.

The first and second DLCs are scheduled to hit the consoles "later this year" in the form of a single massive DLC.

"It takes a lot of time to get through Microsoft’s submission process, so we’re probably going to bundle up DLC1 and DLC2 into the same package" explained Coffee Stain Studios on this release format decision.

The release of the third and fourth DLCs on consoles will depend on how well the first two sells, and how "painless" the release process will be.

For PlayStation fans who continue to yearn for a version of the fps mmo on their platform, there is sadly little progress so a PSN launch is probably not coming anytime soon.


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