Sanctum 2 Ruins of Brightholme DLC pack to launch September 6

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 ruins of brightholme dlc

This Friday, prepare to help the besieged Brightholme residents repel the alien rampage in a hack-happy new DLC.

The newest Sanctum 2 Ruins of Brightholme DLC pack takes fps mmo fans deep into the slums of Brightholme, were the hapless denizens are scrapped for weapons and resources. Players will need to build a frantic defense of the area with crudely improvised tech and weapons such as the satisfyingly brutal Circle Saw.

The Ruins of Brightholme DLC, which will be available for download on the Steam platform starting September 6, is said to be "just as big" as the previous Road to Elysion DLC, according to developer Coffee Stain Studios. The new DLC boasts of "menacing infected enemies, larger interactive map elements and grittier weapons."

“I think when Sanctum 2 fans play the Ruins of Brightholme DLC, they’ll be really intrigued by how weapons, towers and other gameplay elements reflect the grittier, dirtier settings of the Slums," added Anton Westberg, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios.

To be more specific on content, MMO shooter fans will be getting their money's worth on two tool-inspired weapons, the Nail Gun and Circle Saw; four new playable maps with explosive and toxic liquid trigger trap events; two new defense towers, Rupture Mines and Makeshift Tower; and dangerous new alien foes such as the wall-hurdling Jumpers and the fast-regenerating Infected Explorers.

The DLC pack also introduces seven new perks, including kill streaks to increase damage and movement. The rank cap level has been increased by 5. Coffee Stain Studios said the content can be played on solo mode or with a squad via the four-player co-op multiplayer mode.


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