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sanctum 2 ruins of brightholme dlc
This Friday, prepare to help the besieged Brightholme residents repel the alien rampage in a hack-happy new DLC. The newest Sanctum 2 Ruins of Brightholme DLC pack takes fps mmo fans deep into the slums of Brightholme, were the hapless denizens are scrapped for weapons and resources. Players will need to build a frantic defense of the area with crudely improvised tech and weapons such as the satisfyingly brutal Circle Saw. The Ruins of Brightho...
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Sep 04 2013
sanctum 2 sandbox mode
The newest Sanctum 2 patch has activated a free sandbox mode that lets fans tweak major game parameters. Under the Sanctum 2 sandbox mode, players can edit the resources gained on each wave in the tower-defense mmofps, as well as have the option to scale up or down enemy HP. The Tower Cap can even be turned on or off as a player pleases. Sanctum 2 sandbox mode opens up a ton of customization that fans have been requesting for since launch day, ...
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Aug 03 2013
sanctum 2 sequel first teaser
Sanctum 2, the sequel to the hit shooter-slash-tower defense hybrid game Sanctum, shows off its noticeably higher graphics quality. In the new teaser trailer below from indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, we get a glimpse of the main protagonist for Sanctum 2 walking across a craggy field. Suddenly, walkways and defensive artillery come crashing down from the sky, in reference to the tower defense building strategy that has defined the franchi...
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Mar 13 2013
sanctum mac steam beta
The Mac version of Sanctum is two weeks away from release, and what better way to herald the coming of this much-awaited port than to hold an exclusive beta via Steam. Every owner of Sanctum will see the beta visible in the Steam Game Library as “Sanctum Beta”, ready for installation, said Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios which developed the strategy MMOFPS. Meanwhile, those who have not bought Sanctum can fill up an application for...
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Jul 31 2012
sanctum still alive dlc
Sanctum’s new free downloadable content will add two new towers and the Tesla Gun to your alien-killing arsenal. In the trailer from developer Coffee Stain Studios, we see that the Tesla Gun is an electrifying new weapon for fps mmo fans,  shooting out steady electric pulses of destruction. Meanwhile, the two new towers, Drone Tower and Accelerator, look to be effective killing machines deserving of a spot in your defensive line-up. Sanctu...
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Oct 08 2012