Sanctum 2's The Pursuit DLC hits Steam

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 the pursuit dlc steam

The Pursuit DLC, the third of four planned expansions for the tower-defense mmofps, arrived on Steam over the weekend.

The Pursuit DLC continues where you left off in the Road to Elysion DLC, and now you must chase after the Titan beyond Elysion One. Increased replayability was a core focus in The Pursuit, which led to the rollout of four brand-new maps.

Two new alien-busting towers can be built in Sanctum 2, including the Mind-Control Spire that lets you temporarily command enemies and turn them against their kind.

Your MMO shooter avatar also receives new destructive weapons like the target-seeking Drone Launcher.

Using these new armaments as well as the seven additional perks that was plugged with the expansion, you should be able to fend off the fresh batch of enemies looking to wipe your human existence off the face of the planet. What are these nasties? Well, there's the Heavy Pup -- a more rabid version of its older equivalent -- and the enigmatic flying Bliskeblaske.

Like the past two released expansion, The Pursuit DLC can be purchased individually for $3.99. Or it can be unlocked when you purchase the Sanctum Season Pass, which costs $11.99 and will give you all four DLCs for the price of three.


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