Sanctum 2 The Last Stand DLC lands on Steam

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 the last stand dlc steam

The Last Stand DLC -- the fourth and last standalone content addition planned for Sanctum 2 -- has gone live on Steam.

For $3.99, fans can unlock the conclusive chapter to the tower-defense, MMOFPS-esque alien extermination game. Players will gain access to the most destructive tower devices and handheld weapons yet, as you can see in The Last Stand DLC official trailer:

In this last installment, players will return to the Arc Islands for a final defense against the increasingly aggressive alien aggression. To help you survive the onslaught, you can now use the Orbital Strike Relay tower to send an obliterating laser beam from the sky down to the enemy hordes. Or you can jump into the Rolfinator Defensive Turret to shoot down enemies from long-range.

“Without a doubt, we pretty much went balls crazy with this final expansion update,” said Anton Westberg, CEO of Sanctum 2 indie developer Coffee Stain Studios.  

“While we concentrated on telling the compelling Sanctum 2 back story with the first DLC packs, we are going out in a blaze of explosive glory with The Last Stand.  And I think we really went out with a tremendous bang for our final update.”

For mmorpg fans late to the party, consider purchasing the Sanctum 2 Season Pass which gives access to the Last Stand DLC plus all three previous DLCs for just $11.99 -- that's roughly $5 less that if you purchase the DLCs a la carte. Of course, that's on top of the base game Sanctum 2 on Steam, on sale for $14.99, which you need to play the DLCs.


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