Sanctum 2 hits PlayStation Network on September 10

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 release date playstation network

Less than two weeks to go before Sanctum 2 electrifies the PlayStation Network.

Sanctum 2, the sequel to the hit tower-defense and fps mmo game Sanctum, puts players in the armored boots of an elite soldier frantically defending the world's critical survival structures against waves of brutal aliens.

Like in the original, Sanctum 2 defenders will need to set up effective tower systems to decimate the incoming alien armies. They will also need to get into the thick of combat to clean up the aliens that the tower systems failed to destroy.

Sharing what he thinks will compel PlayStation gamers to download the game, Anton Westberg, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios said: “The mix of strategic design, exciting FPS mayhem and light character-building features is something I believe PlayStation owners will find really exciting.”

Those who purchase the Sanctum 2 PlayStation Network version need not worry about being too far behind in content. Developers said the $14.99 bundle will include the one bonus patch which activates a higher tower cap, tower resources for all players in co-op mmo multiplayer games and increased tower bases gained in each wave.

The PlayStation Network version though does not include the first Road to Elysion DLC.

The PlayStation Network adds to the growing list of download platforms for Sanctum 2. The game was released earlier this year for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems via Steam and official website download.


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