Sanctum 2 expansion pack dropped on Xbox Live

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 expansion pack xbox

Coffee Stain Studios is serving up a very special Sanctum 2 expansion pack for Xbox gamers who have had to wait awhile for their first DLC.

The Sanctum 2 expansion pack for Xbox bundles together the first two expansions for the tower defense MMOFPS game, "Road to Elysion" and "Ruins of Brightholme". Go watch the trailers for both DLCs to see if they're worth the tag-team buy:

The expansion pack opens up a lot of content for fans who have finished most of the basic Sanctum 2 missions.

First, it opens up the new playable character TSYGAN aka the Rogue Insurgent, plus eight new maps to challenge your alien invasion defense skills. If you’re a fan of Sanctum series lore, then you’ll relish the revelations by this character, including the colonization of LOEK III.

Second, it unlocks cooler new weapons and more destructive tower defense structures, including the rapid-fire Gatling Laser, savagely satisfying Circle Saw and explosive Rupture Mine Dispenser. You'll need all the firepower you can muster to thwart the vicious mutated horrors and leaping aliens coming your way in the expansion pack's additional missions.

Lastly, you also unlock more than a dozen new perks with whcih you can improve and customize your MMO character to become a stronger, sturdier, more efficient alien-busting exterminator.


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