Enigmatic TSYGAN teases first Sanctum 2 DLC expansion

By Michael Jamias
sanctum 2 dlc expansion tsygan teaser

Sanctum 2 Facebook page has been overtaken by the mysterious TSYGAN persona.

The takeover is part of a Coffee Stain Studios' guerilla teaser campaign to get fans excited about the first Sanctum 2 DLC expansion.

The female-voiced TSYGAN has been spamming the Sanctum Facebook page with puzzling messages (not so puzzling though if you know binary code) and has even left behind the creepily cryptic video message below.

The whole teaser campaign has left most of the mmofps population stumped. Who exactly is TSYGAN? Is she an ally or an enemy? And what role will she play in the upcoming content update?

Fans may have to wait for the fuller preview which should be coming out any day now, with the DLC expansion hitting the MMO on June 26.

Coffee Stain Studios has been keeping a tight lid on the features and content coming with the DLC expansion, only hinting that it will usher in “the beginning of a new era," at least based on the messages from TSYGAN.

Coffee Stain Studios said that it is trying to regain control over their Facebook, Twitter and other channels that have been countermanded by TSYGAN. Only then can the developers release new screenshots for the expansion, so stay tuned for that.


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