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sanctum 2 mac linux support
Coffee Stain Studios has finally gone around adding Sanctum 2 support for the Mac and Linux operating systems, news that brings untold delight to non-PC strategy tower defense gamers.While many mmo games now routinely launch with multiple OS support, Sanctum 2 for Mac and Linux proved to be trickier to get out of the woodwork for the mmofps developers. “The Mac and Linux ports of Sanctum 2 was initially intended to launch a long time ago, bu...
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Aug 15 2014
sanctum 2 expansion pack xbox
Coffee Stain Studios is serving up a very special Sanctum 2 expansion pack for Xbox gamers who have had to wait awhile for their first DLC. The Sanctum 2 expansion pack for Xbox bundles together the first two expansions for the tower defense MMOFPS game, "Road to Elysion" and "Ruins of Brightholme". Go watch the trailers for both DLCs to see if they're worth the tag-team buy:The expansion pack opens up a lot of content for fans who have fi...
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Mar 17 2014
sanctum 2 the last stand dlc steam
The Last Stand DLC -- the fourth and last standalone content addition planned for Sanctum 2 -- has gone live on Steam. For $3.99, fans can unlock the conclusive chapter to the tower-defense, MMOFPS-esque alien extermination game. Players will gain access to the most destructive tower devices and handheld weapons yet, as you can see in The Last Stand DLC official trailer:In this last installment, players will return to the Arc Islands for a f...
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Dec 13 2013
sanctum 2 the pursuit dlc steam
The Pursuit DLC, the third of four planned expansions for the tower-defense mmofps, arrived on Steam over the weekend. The Pursuit DLC continues where you left off in the Road to Elysion DLC, and now you must chase after the Titan beyond Elysion One. Increased replayability was a core focus in The Pursuit, which led to the rollout of four brand-new maps. Two new alien-busting towers can be built in Sanctum 2, including the Mind-Control Spire th...
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Oct 28 2013
sanctum 2 ruins of brightholme trailer
It takes more than a few bullets and cannon fire to bring down the new nasties rampaging in the Ruins of Brightholme DLC. Sanctum 2 players should prepare to face off against some serious opposition in the latest update for the MMOFPS, which introduces intimidatingly big and tough bruiser monstrosities You can check them out in this official Ruins of Brightholme DLC trailer:From the trailer, we spot a few fresh monsters that will be trying ...
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Sep 10 2013
sanctum 2 release date playstation network
Less than two weeks to go before Sanctum 2 electrifies the PlayStation Network. Sanctum 2, the sequel to the hit tower-defense and fps mmo game Sanctum, puts players in the armored boots of an elite soldier frantically defending the world's critical survival structures against waves of brutal aliens. Like in the original, Sanctum 2 defenders will need to set up effective tower systems to decimate the incoming alien armies. They will also need t...
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Aug 30 2013
sanctum 2 road to elysion dlc launch
Sanctum 2 first-ever DLC expansion pack has launched on Steam with a price tag of $3.99. The Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion DLC is centered around the new playable character -- TSYGAN, the Rogue Insurgent -- who will reveal the origins of the conflict on LOEK III. The new DLC pack for the popular tower-defense MMOFPS game also contains four new maps that will require fresh new tactics. It also ushers in two advanced weapons, the...
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Jun 27 2013
sanctum 2 dlc expansion tsygan teaser
Sanctum 2 Facebook page has been overtaken by the mysterious TSYGAN persona. The takeover is part of a Coffee Stain Studios' guerilla teaser campaign to get fans excited about the first Sanctum 2 DLC expansion. The female-voiced TSYGAN has been spamming the Sanctum Facebook page with puzzling messages (not so puzzling though if you know binary code) and has even left behind the creepily cryptic video message below.The whole teaser campaign ...
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Jun 25 2013