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  • Sanctum: blocks

    Sanctum: blocks
    Place blocks to herd enemies through obstacles. This gives you more time to kill them before they take your crystal....
    Sanctum: blocks

    Sanctum: shoot

    Sanctum: shoot
    The defense phase of Sanctum plays like an FPS. Aim, shoot, and avoid dying....
    Sanctum: shoot

    Sanctum: respawn

    Sanctum: respawn
    If you die, or get knocked down, you can respawn. Pick a respawn point that gets you back to the action as soon as possible....
    Sanctum: respawn

    Sanctum: hats

    Sanctum: hats
    If your crystal is destroyed, the monsters will set up a little tea party in your area. Nice hats!...
    Sanctum: hats

Sanctum Gameplay

Sanctum Gameplay

Sanctum is a first-person shooter tower defense game from Coffee Stain Studios. Slipping into the soldier shoes of elite commando Skye, you will have to protect her home, Elysion One, from vicious alien invaders. The intruders attack in waves and seek to destroy the critical core that powers up the defenses of Elysion One. There are two phases that divide Sanctum’s hectic combat. There is the building phase where the player gears into the more traditional tower defense style of building structures that will attack aliens, or prevent their advance in one way or another. Aside from the cannons and lasers, players can place strategic teleporters which will aid his movement in the second Extermination phase. In this latter half, players shift into mmofps action mode, shooting down all enemies within sight. You will have at your disposal a powerful arsenal of weapons. Choose wisely based on the enemies you will encounter, and make sure that it complements the existing tower defenses you have so that all combinations of mobs are covered.

Sanctum offers four different game modes, each one a challenge on its own. This ups the replay value of this mmofps tower defense hybrid. The game’s graphics take on a sleek and shiny sheen comparable to those seen in consoles through the use of the advanced Unreal Engine. The sectors of Elysion One are also diverse enough to keep the experience from getting stale fast. Weapons also produce distinct effects that allow for some interesting combat tactics. Even cut scenes shown in between missions are topnotch. But more than the impressive visuals, Sanctum manages to make the hybrid model work. One would think that a tower defense and first-person shooter would feel clunky, but it manages to flow nicely, with one system complementing the other and vice versa. Decisions made in the Building phase will shape your plan of attack in the Extermination phase, before tweaking the tower defenses in preparation for a new wave of enemies. Sanctum will keep you on your toes while giving breathing room through the pause function (where you can take time to regroup and see what the next waves consist of).

Sanctum supports up to four players in co-op mode. While this is far from the MMO set-up, it works for the kind of gameplay that Sanctum offers. Having a smaller number of team mates keeps the intensity burning since everyone has to carry their own weight in battle. Sanctum is available for download via Steam with a four-pack promo to enable cheap co-op play.

By Rachel Rosen


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