S4 League kicks off Season 5 “Wonderland” content next week

By Michael Jamias
s4 league season 5 wonderland

S4 League enters its fifth season patch on March 13, continuing the storyline and pushing out new content.

Season 5 “Wonderland” will be the culmination of the past two seasons, Season 4 “Alice” and Season 3 “Blade”, said publisher Alaplaya.

Aside from tying up the three-season arc, S4 League Wonderland also busts out a brand new game mode called Conquest which combines the fast-paced MMOFPS action that S4 League is known for and thrilling tower defense co-op mechanics.

“These elements together create ideal conditions for action-packed matches with a good dose of strategic gameplay,” said Alaplaya of the Conquest game mode.

S4 League fans can also look forward to collecting a new set of theme costumes, weapons and pets which will be unveiled when the “Wonderland” goes live next week.

But even before Season 5 has been released, developers have been giving fans a chance to score the brand-new items in advance—for a bit of cash. For one, Super Capsule buyers have a random chance to obtain Season 5 costume sets.

As Season 4 comes to its final stretch, Alaplaya is also serving up irresistible rewards. Players who participate in the MMO’s popular Mode Rotation by playing three matches in each of the six games modes – Siege, Death Match, Touchdown, Chaser, Battle Royal and Captain – will earn special capsules that could drop Best of Season 4 costumes and items.


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