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    S4 League: level
    Choose matches with players of similar skill and level. I think we qualify as a beginner....
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    S4 League: FPS
    S4 League is a 'third person shooter'. Expect the fast paced action of any FPS but with an over the shoulder or 3rd person perspec...
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    S4 League: outcome
    We tried to help. But at least our team won. We did claim a few objectives at least!...
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    S4 League: respawn
    Watch out for the edge. You can be knocked off any building and you WILL die....
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S4 League Gameplay

S4 League Gameplay

S4 League was originally released as a Korea exclusive title in 2007, it has since been published by Alaplaya, making it available in both Europe and North America. The game is advertised as a third-person shooter game, but players can also tweak the settings to make it closer to a first-person shooter experience.

The game includes a variety of game modes such as Death Match and Touch Down (same mechanics as capture the flag). Each match can include up to 12 players fighting it out for victory. S4 League is not your standard MMOFPS as players can utilize the environment to their advantage, performing various acrobatic feats such as wall running and jumping.

As with many MMO shooters, players can purchase items and weapons from the in-game store. If you've played other titles such as Warrock or Wolfteam, you're probably familiar with your items disappearing if you take a short break. S4 League works in a different way, instead of items being purchased for X amount of days, they're purchased for playtime, meaning that items do not degrade while you're not playing. There is a large variety of items to purchase, from swords and laser guns, through to supernatural abilities. Players are allowed to equip 1 supernatural ability and include many different skills that allow you to run at the speed of light or bounce off walls.

Another unique aspect to S4 League is the licensing system. When players want to purchase a certain weapon, they must first pass the license test. The license tests are short tutorials that teach you the basics of the weapon such as reload time, damage and optimum distance. If you're good enough to pass the license test, you're allowed to use the weapon for a few hours, for free. This allows players to test and try their weapons before making their purchase.

By Rachel Rosen


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