Renaissance Heroes marches on to Steam packing new content

By Michael Jamias
renaissance heroes steam

Renaissance Heroes is now available to download via the Steam platform, and it comes with a new playable character and the new castle fortress map Chateau.

The latest version of Renaissance Heroes also comes with an expanded arsenal of lethal devices, said free to play mmo publisher GameFuse.

Producer Matthew Lenehan added that by expanding the distribution of the sci-fi military mmofps to Steam it is hoping to attract more recruits and inject fresh blood to its multiplayer shooter modes.

Renaissance Heroes focuses on fast-paced arena action and various objective-based game modes such as Capture the Flag, Seize the Scrolls, Touchdown, Deathmatch, and Duel. The addition of new weapons and expected influx of new challengers are expected to shake up the PvP scene.

For the Steam launch, the developer also unlocked the new hero and intrepid explorer Alphon, increasing the total hero count to eight.

As an added bonus, fans who register for Renaissance Heroes through Steam will receive a permanent, XP-boosting Steam banner and a playable “Grinder-R” submachine gun.

The first week also activates a 75% Steam store discount for downloadable content. There are currently four costume bundles priced at $69.99 each and three scaling item and power-up bundles: Starter ($6.99), Premium ($49.99) and Elite ($59.99).



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