Quake Live is Heading to Steam

By Tam Mageean
quake live steam

These days, the Call of Duty vs Battlefield vs Halo argument is the big FPS debate, but it doesn't compare to the FPS argument of old; Unreal vs Quake vs Counter-Strike. Ten years ago, it'd be unthinkable for, Valve Studies, id Software and Epic MegaGames to work, side by side, in harmony with each other. However, times have changed and in the fight for gaming survival, some developers have had to go to odd measures to draw in customers.

Zenimax Media's big mmo and BYOC event, QuakeCon started yesterday, with promises of Quake and Doom announcements galore. Today a big shock to the Quake community came, when id Software announced they were joining forces with Counter-Strike's masterminds, Valve and placing Quake Live on their Steam platform.

The free to play mmofps has been through a few platform changes over the years, but a move to Steam should by far be the most popular, for the main stream of PC users.

Quake Live Screenshot

Fans with existing accounts will have nothing to fear, as the Quake Live crew have assured a smooth transition for players on Steam, new and old.

"Upon release, players will have the option of porting their Quake Live account to their Steam account, allowing you to play and update the game entirely through the Steam interface."

The Quake Live Steam transition is expected "very, very soon", but no date has been specified.


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