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Back when Quake Live migrated to Steam, we commented on how weird it was. Anyone that was born before 1990 will vividly remember the rise of Doom, the emergence of Quake and the rivalry between Unreal fans and Quake fans. Later on, the Valve crowd got involved with the likes of Counter Strike. This formed the first warring trinity among the competitive mmofps games, long before Halo, Battlefield and Call of Duty had even got a look in. The idea ...
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Oct 29 2015
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15 years ago, when Quake III Arena burst onto the screen, it was a huge, penny-dropping moment for gamers; identifying the arena-style fps as a legitimate force in online gaming. The fundamentals of Quake III Arena live on in Quake Live, Arena's familiar, mmofps cousin. However, its similarities, according to id Software, may be what holds it back in the online community. Despite the fact that Quake Live has all of the social and communicative ...
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Aug 28 2014
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These days, the Call of Duty vs Battlefield vs Halo argument is the big FPS debate, but it doesn't compare to the FPS argument of old; Unreal vs Quake vs Counter-Strike. Ten years ago, it'd be unthinkable for, Valve Studies, id Software and Epic MegaGames to work, side by side, in harmony with each other. However, times have changed and in the fight for gaming survival, some developers have had to go to odd measures to draw in customers. Zenimax...
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Jul 18 2014
quakecon starts
One of the World's largest LAN parties is about to begin in Dallas Texas. QuakeCon is one of the biggest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) events in the world, where gamers gather to show of the fastest, smallest, coldest and most overclocked desktops that money can buy. The annual event is mostly in honor of the work of id Software - namely, Quake, Wolfenstein and Doom, but besides their mmofps tournaments and console comparing, there is plenty of...
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Jul 17 2014
quakecon 2014
As far as digital festivals and gaming conventions go, QuakeCon is ruling the roost as one of the oldest and finest. The BYOC (standing for Bring Your Own Computer) event stands as a testament to the FPS giants at iD Software, and everything they've made. Typically, competitions and casual matchups occur across anything PC gaming and mmo related at the event, with tournaments for the Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein franchises taking center stage. W...
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Jan 31 2014