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  • Quake Live: matches

    Quake Live: matches
    Setup matches in this browser game. You can play PvP or practice games. In practice games you can pick game type, arena, difficult...
    Quake Live: matches

    Quake Live: stats

    Quake Live: stats
    Before respawning, or at the end of the match you can pull up the stats window. Here is the place to gloat about fragging everyone...
    Quake Live: stats

    Quake Live: guns

    Quake Live: guns
    You will find numerous power ups, ammunition, and guns spread throughout the game. Use your scroll wheel to change between guns....
    Quake Live: guns

    Quake Live: capture

    Quake Live: capture
    Capture the flag is a team based scenario similar to most other FPS games. Just run over the enemy flag and run it to your base....
    Quake Live: capture

Quake Live Gameplay

Quake Live Gameplay

Quake Live is the browser version of one of the most popular MMOFPS games of all times. The company responsible with Quake Live development and distribution is id Software. Quake Live gameplay is similar to Quake III Arena. Quake Live can be played for free. Additional premium features can be purchased from the game shop. The main goal is to win matches by killing enemies or completing certain objectives. When in a match is crucial to keep an eye on your HP to avoid unexpected deaths. Killed players are automatically revived with full HP but boosts are lost. The mechanics aren't difficult, it's basically just aim and shoot. Knowing how to pick your weapons and how to adapt your techniques is the primary winning strategy. Having skilled team mates is also important.

It's a good idea to get used to Quake Live interface as soon as possible. Game mode info displays details about the Quake Live PvP mode your are currently playing. Timer shows left time until a match ends. Power-ups are temporary buffs that increase a player's combat performance. Team overlay shows location and other details about your group members. Some Quake Live game modes restrict the usage of certain weapons. Ammo and weapons bar lists usable weapons and ammo. Players need to be careful when picking up items as only one can be carried at a time. Quake Live has 11 game modes. Free for all mode rewards the first player that gets 50 frags. Team Deathmatch has a nice twist. You can kill not only enemies but also team mates so be careful with your aiming. Duel is a 1 on 1 match that lasts 10 minutes. Clan arena game mode has 10 rounds. The round is won by the team that kills all enemy team members. Capture the Flag and 1-Flag CTF modes are about capturing the flag and returning it to your base or to the enemy base. In Harvester MMO mode, players have to collect skulls. Domination mode is a capture/defend target scenario. If you kill an enemy in Red Rover mode, he or she will respawn as a team member.

The standard Quake Live weapons are machine guns and gauntlets. More weapons and ammo spawn in different locations and can be picked up. Quake Live weapon types include: grenade and rocket launchers, shotguns, railguns, lighting guns, plasma guns and chain guns. The prox launcher can be used to mine a certain area. Various types of armor increase your total armor rating. HP can be replenished by picking up HP crosses. More than 100 different Quake Live arenas (maps) are available. Quake Live is a great free to play MMO for veteran Quake fans and also for those who enjoy pure PvP action.

By Rachel Rosen


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