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    Unleash Unique Abilities
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Quake Champions Gameplay First Look - HD

Quake Champions Gameplay First Look - HD

Quake Champions is a multiplayer first person shooter game created by id Software and distributed by Bethesda Softworks. The first Quake game was released more than 20 years ago and set a standard for first person shooters. Many modern shooters, including FPS MMO games, take inspiration from the first Quake games. Quake Champions was revealed at E3 2016. The game is a multiplayer only title. Players are given a selection of characters to choose from, multiple weapons to use against their enemies and various maps that serve as battlegrounds. Quake Champions characters are simply called champions.

Ranger is a marine soldier who uses a dire orb as his special ability. This orb deals damage and also helps Ranger teleport. Slash uses her plasma trail to damage multiple enemies at once. Almost all competitive multiplayer games, as well as the majority of MMORPG games, have support characters. In Quake Champions, the support class is represented by Galena. Her special ability is summoning a totem that heals allies and harms enemies. Scalebearer is a tank like champion. He charges enemies dealing lots of damage and, at the same time, protects himself from incoming attacks. Nyx takes no damage at all when she becomes invisible. This ability is extremely powerful as she can instantly kill the opponent that happens to be in the exact same spot when her ghost walk ability expires. Sorlag, Anarki, Clutch and Visor are other Quake Champions characters. The weapons selection includes machine guns, nail guns, shotguns, railguns, lighting guns and the famous rocket launcher. Champions fight in fast paced arena style matches on various maps. On each Quake Champions map, players will find a fixed number of health, armor and cooldown items. A different elder god is chosen to represent each map.

Quake Champions business model is a combination between free to play and buy to play. All players get access to the same game content but free players won't be able to use all champions. This model is seen in many free MMOFPS games. Free players get one champion. The others can be unlocked for a limited period of time using currency obtained while playing the game. Ranger is the free champion. The currency is called favor and has multiple uses. Quake Champions players spend favor to start rune challenges and to acquire reliquaries. The contents of a reliquary vary from champions to cosmetic items like skins. Players that want to have access to all characters can acquire the champions pack. Free and premium members interact on the same maps and are ranked on the same leaderboards. Quake Champions is available from the official website.

By Rachel Rosen

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