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    Pick from one of several servers. Project Blackout is a free to play multiplayer FPS. What is a shooter without enemies to kill?...
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    Project Blackout: dead

    Project Blackout: dead
    Looks like our teammate was trying to snipe their team and died. Poor guy. Where did he get those shades!...
    Project Blackout: dead

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    Project Blackout: resurrect
    In team death match games, you do not stay dead for long. We'll be back to fight and die again in seconds!...
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    Project Blackout: headshot

    Project Blackout: headshot
    Even we can get a headshot from that range!...
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Project Blackout Gameplay

Project Blackout Gameplay

Project Blackout is a free MMOFPS game featuring modern weapons and technology. Project Blackout throws players into intense FPS action featuring realistic graphics, level design and models as well as a high-quality surround sound feature and destructible environments.

Project Blackout uses a unique card-based questing system unlike anything you'll see in other FPS MMO's. Players can purchase cards that unlock certain quests that can be completed during matches, each quest has different objectives such as killing a certain amount of enemies or using a specific weapon. Players can complete quests while in combat, but must remain until the end of the match to receive the rewards. Each quest card also has a certain tag associated with it "P,O,I,N,T,B,L,A,N,K", if players are able to collect a quest card of each tag, and complete them all, they gain extra rewards such as unique weapons or a large amount of experience points.

There are almost 50 different ranks for players to work through, starting at Recruit, going all the way up to Command General. Each individual rank has an icon associated with it, allowing players to gauge the skill of their opponents at a simple glance. Players gain ranks by completing quests, killing enemies and winning matches. Other benefits to increasing rank include having access to more weapons, equipment and armor.

As you would expect in a MMOFPS title Project Blackout includes a variety of PvP game modes including traditional FPS modes such Deathmatch, Demolition, Sabotage and Search & Destroy but Project Blackout also has some PvE features. AI Challenge is a unique mode that allows up to 4 players to compete against AI bots with 10 different difficulty settings. The rewards aren't as good as the PvP aspects of the game but it provides a whole new depth to Project Blackout.

As well as the above features Project Blackout also features an Advanced Combat Training system that allows players to build up proficiency with their items and equipment. When players complete mission cards they're awarded with emblems, as well as the experience points and other items, these emblems can then be traded to increase players proficiency with a particular weapon. All of these features combined make Project Blackout a unique MMOFPS experience that is well worth playing for fans of skill-based shooting games.

By Rachel Rosen

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