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Project Argo Gameplay First Look - HD

Project Argo Gameplay First Look - HD

Project Argo is a free multiplayer first person shooter game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. It's a game based on Bohemia's Arma 3 made with the purpose of improving the competitive aspect of the original game. Project Argo is not a MMO FPS as it does not support a large group of players clashing on the same battleground, instead, it offers team-based multiplayer matches. Players are divided into two teams of mercenaries. Five players are part of a team. Their goal is to work together and to find the best strategy to defeat the opposing team. Project Argo is a very tactical game where teamwork is one of the elements that can make a difference between victory and defeat.

It's very easy to join a match. Players just have to select a unit, decide on a loadout and the fight is ready to begin. Each Project Argo match offers a different combat experience. Shooting the enemy, although killing opponents it's a central part of any FPS MMO, is not enough to win a game. Players need to figure out their opponent's strategy and adapt their tactics. There are three game modes available. Clash is a battle for territory scenario. The area is divided into sectors which players have to conquer and keep control over in order to win. Link mode is a fast paced experience. Project Argo teams will race to capture points. The team that captures all of them wins the match. In Raid mode, one team plays as the attacker and the other as the defender. The attackers have to find the location of a terminal. They must search all three possible locations and discover the right one. The defenders job is to prevent them from finding the correct terminal. Project Argo gameplay has one element that can give teams a tremendous advantage. This is available in all game modes. Players that manage to capture the paradrop will increase the winning odds for their team.

There is a bit of a story that sustains Project Argo events. A space station crashed on an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Two organizations, the Clouds and the Flames, are at war on this island. Players decide which one of them they like to join. Veteran Arma players will recognize the landscape and the scenery. The zone where fights take place is none other than Malden. Project Argo can be downloaded and played for free just like a free MMO that requires no buy to play fee or subscription. Players don't need to own Arma 3 or other Bohemia titles to enjoy this game. Project Argo is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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