World Domination Series kicks off faction feuding in PlanetSide 2

By Michael Jamias
planetside 2 world domination series

PlanetSide 2 wants you to go crazy competitive in the next five weeks of the World Domination Series.

Ongoing until October 21, your chosen empire will tussle for Auraxian supremacy. Each week, the crafty PlanetSide 2 developers will throw down a set of weekly challenges that players can individually complete to raise their empire score. An imperial leader will be crowned based on that week's score, and at the end of the five-week competition, there will also be a grand winner to take home the best prizes.

Developers have always had a thing pitting their player factions against each other -- competitiveness seems to be the best aphrodisiac in mmo games -- but PlanetSide 2's puts a twist on it.

Empire scores are added across all servers to determine the weekly and grand winners, so it means if your equivalents in say Mattherson slack off, then that could very well cost your empire the plum position.

But arguably worse than placing a shameful last place in the premier faction wars in the MMOFPS is the fact that you're losing out on the fantastic prizes.

To the victor goes all the supreme spoils, with a three-day 50% XP booster to be given to active members of the winning weekly faction. Meanwhile, unique empire decals and exclusive character title will be given to active members of the entire pre-season winner.


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