PlanetSide 2 revises its updates

By Tam Mageean
planetside 2 update revision

Over the past few months, PlanetSide 2 has undergone some major restructuring, with regards to their gaming updates. With their "Operation: Make Faster Game" initiative, they stripped the game down to its bare bones, in order to provide faster, more stable gameplay, which meant making huge changes; setting up working groups, private test servers, pre-release tests, post-release adjustments, hot-fixes...the list goes on!

For all the hard work, it seems, even more had to go into maintaining the mmofps following a large update, due to all the spurious upsets that it caused.

In a change of tact; the developers have decided that throwing out their updates in smaller, frequent, more bite-sized doses may prove beneficial, and allow them to focus on each change and each challenge, one step at a time.

The developers at SOE took to the forums this week to announce the introduction of weekly PlanetSide 2 updates, and explain their reasons why.

" means we'll be more rapidly respond to bugs & balance issues in the game without having to rely on hotfixes as much," professed Matthew Higby, Creative Developer for the mmo, "each individual update will be smaller and more focused, with fewer moving parts that can break, which we hope will greatly decrease the number of bugs being introduced when we update."

They'll still be running bigger projects in the background, so expect large updates to still roll out from time to time, but hopefully the change of pace will lighten some of the load for them, when the time comes.


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