PlanetSide 2 trailer shows off the Nexus Battle Island

By Michael Jamias
planetside 2 trailer nexus battle island

PlanetSide 2 teams will face off in the sprawling, ice-capped expanse of Nexus Battle Island.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the vast indoor and outdoor areas that will host countless conflicts in the MMOFPS:

The action-packed video shows off the impressive size of the Nexus Battle Island, enough to host 2-team battles involving dozens of players at a time. The Nexus Battle Island is sectioned off into three notable areas, as shown in the video.

First is the ice cave, which will be ground zero for infantry skirmishes and shootouts. Then there is the alpine forest where tanks from the opposing teams will attempt to blow each other up. And last is the frozen canyon where air raids and helicopter ambushes make traversing the canyon a dangerous proposition.

Aside from functioning as an exciting gladiator arena for PlanetSide fans, developer Sony Online Entertainment said the Battle Islands will play a bigger role when the game rolls out its eSports activities.

In January, SOE had announced that it has partnered with Major League Gaming to offer esports competitions for the shooter mmorpg. The developer is banking on the fact that there is intense rivalry within the game's three factions, and that most of its players are very much into PvP and hopes this will largely translate to great support for more intensely competitive eSports.


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