Win $30,000 in PlanetSide 2 tournaments and other SOE Live events

By Michael Jamias
planetside 2 soe live tournaments

Sony Online Entertainment will be giving away $30,000 in prizes to the winners of tournaments and events during the SOE Live fan gathering.

Four of the most popular MMO games in the SOE stable will be participating in the prize blowout: PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, Everquest and Everquest 2.

SOE Live attendees can participate in an Auraxis Showdown for PlanetSide 2. The mmofps sequel will ask you to shoot and survive your way to the $5,000 first prize and secure top gun bragging rights.

Not feeling up to the mmofps challenge? Then suit up in superhero spandex and join the two-man deathmatch Legends PvP tournament for DC Universe Online. The winning pair will split $3,000. There is also a group challenge where 10-man squads will need to massacre their way to victory in Legends PvP Arenas.

Everquest and Everquest 2 will also field their respective live challenges. Everquest puts 10-man groups to task by asking them to recover mysterious shards scattered across the game world. Meanwhile, Everquest 2 will be hosting the Aether Races where those with the top flying times can claim up to $3,000 and even race against Everquest developer Dave Georgeson.

These SOE Live tournaments and events will be held in Bally’s in Las Vegas from October 18 to 21, which could make traveling to the middle of the desert well worth it – that is if meeting fellow fans and having a blast with MMORPG developers is not incentive enough for you.


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