PlanetSide 2's PS4 graphics equivalent to Ultra settings on PC

By Tam Mageean
planetside 2 ps4

In a recent interview with Gamezone, SOE's Creative Director, Matt Higby, described some of the key traits of the PS4 ported version of their flagship mmofps.

In the interview, he revealed that the graphical power of their next-gen console edition of PlanetSide 2 would be equivalent to the highest possible video settings in the PC version.

"If you turned up your PC version to Ultra, that's how it's going to look on PS4,"

This is great news for console gamers, as it means they can enjoy the interplanetary mmo to its fullest extent, without the expense or hassle of investing and maintaining a top spec machine; making it the likely preference for many gamers who are currently strapped for cash, in light of the recent console boom.

He continued by describing how the game was being adapted for the console, by adding PS4 exclusive features, such as a unique user interface, that will utilize the tappy, clicky touchpad on the PS4's controller.

PC gamers needn't feel like they're missing out though; the dualshock 4's trackpad will be mostly used to make up for the lack of a mouse and keyboard. Shortcuts and menu navigation will be the key features, with the pad serving as a cursor on menus and to enable additional macros in-game.

Other than that, your transition to PlanetSide 2: PS4 Edition should hopefully be seamless, with the core elements of the game remaining unchanged.


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