Planetside 2 is getting its first update

By Tam Mageean
planetside 2 initiative

Planetside 2 recently addressed some issues with their game, spurring on their "Make Faster Game" initiative, whereby they plan to document their progress as they update the game.

Matthew Higby, the creative director for the MMOFPS, swooped onto the official forums to share their first weeks advancements.

"Overall we're running faster across all our hardware test cases"

Planet Side 2 battlefield

According to Higby, the first patch should be hitting the public test server in around a weeks time, and has been boosting frame-rates in tests by up to 30%. All things being well with testing, the beta will be ready for full public consumption around October 23rd.

On top of the speed updates, bug fixes are going out round the clock, with Higby's twitter continuously keeping players updated on the latest fixes and tweaks. A lot of players have been calling for consistent play, rather than faster play, but with such progression already occurring in the first week, fans of the MMO can have faith that these things are being looked at.

Operation: Make Faster Game has been running since September 21st and is an in-depth look at optimizing Planetside 2, encompassing the whole team; from visual designers simplifying textures and effects to engineers profiling and micromanaging the games frame-by-frame workload. As this game gets faster; it really shows its intention to please its fans, and sets an example to the other SOE games in the pen.

Planetside 2 Textures


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