PlanetSide 2 shows intense conflicts in Indar and Amerish regions

By Michael Jamias
planetside 2 indar amerish war video

SOE continues its tradition of releasing news report-style previews for PlanetSide 2, and this latest one gives us a sneak peek at the ambushes and faction firefights that have erupted in the mmorpg's Indar and Amerish regions.

In PlanetSide 2, factions are at each other's throats, vying for supremacy and territory, which has led to all-out conflict on and inside their borders. Soldiers have been mobilized to the frontlines to either advance into the enemy's heartlands or repel invaders, and the fighting has been particularly intense in these two featured areas.

Watch the PlanetSide 2 War Correspondent Episode 7 video below narrated by Robert Stoneman:

The first part of the PlanetSide 2 Indar and Indar preview focuses on the sneaky ambushes and battles fought in this craggy canyon area. MMOFPS fans will need to sharpen their running speed and ability to take cover in order to evade enemy fire.

Then we head over to the idyllic, flower-filled fields of Amerish where blood will flow and taint the once-peaceful zone. The fighting will then progress well into the night and inside outposts. Aggressors will need to infiltrate and take over the fortresses, while the defenders are tasked with holding out against the land and aerial assaults and stand their ground for their homeland.


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