PlanetSide 2 Game Update 13 changes revealed

By Michael Jamias
planetside 2 game update 13 changes

PlanetSide 2 Game Update 13 promises an Esamir facelift, consumable implants, platoon enhancements and spawn changes.

In a forum post, PlanetSide 2 developer Higby ran down the major changes and additions coming in Game Update 13 which is will go live on July 24.

The icy land of Esamir will receive a major revamp with virtually every facility and outpost modified, enhanced, or in some cases, replaced in an effort to enhance gameplay flow.

Implants are also arriving in the fps mmo, allowing players to enhance their soldiers with buffs from equipping the consumable items. Implants will have a wide range of utility: Awareness implants allow players to auto-spot enemies, while the Clear Vision implant protects against concussion and flash grenades.

"The implants are designed to give unique benefits that allow players to further refine their role & personal play-style without imparting an over-the-top player-power benefit," said Higby.

More implant types will be added in future game updates, and plans are afoot to create a feedback mechanism to let players know whether a target possesses an implant that made their attacks ineffective.

Game Update 13 also addresses a couple of concerns mmorpg fans had about platoon and squad management, and spawn windows.

As a result, developers will be platoon leaders will now be able to set platoon VOIP channel restrictions and set individual squad waypoints for their Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads.

Meanwhile, respawn options have been expanded to allow for more locations near a player's death point, which now include the option to spawn at the nearest linked base.

Four new weapons, and a few other audio and suit slot tuning changes will also make it in next week's patch.


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