Gamers fight cancer with Planetside 2

By Tam Mageean
planetside 2 charity

As the war between Terran, Vanu and the New Conglomerate continues, it reveals a new faction to battle against...Breast Cancer? A bunch of Planetside 2 players are teaming up to play 24 hours straight in their favorite MMO, in order to raise donations, and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

The 24 hour Planetside 2 play-athon will be taking place on October 26th, on the Connery server; raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, who are fighting to find a cure.

planetside 2 play-athon banner

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so there's no better time to get involved! The 24 hour play-athon is being hosted by 4 of the servers leading clans; CASH, 666, TRG and OP4, and there are a few different ways that you can take part:

1. You can donate directly to the cause vie their GoFundMe page.

2. You can watch their livestream and cheer them on. The stream link has yet to be announced.

3. You can combine the two, and place bets on matches in the stream, which will be added to the GoFundMe page.

4. Lastly, you can participate! The Connery BCAM Play-athon is currently looking for stream support. Contact MagnmStallion, LadyShade, Oblivion, or TheLostLenore on the Connery server for more information.

Planetside 2 and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have both approved the event and will doing their part to promote the MMOFPS fundraiser too, so what are you waiting for? Get those energy drinks stacked up and get ready for a Planetside 2 all-nighter!


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