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Pangaea is a MMOFPS developed and published by LVR Studio. Gameplay incorporates features from other genres such as role playing character development and survival elements. Adventures unfold in a sci fi post apocalyptic universe. The arrival of the Ark brought nothing but desolation. This is how humans named the strange alien ship that they never managed to destroy. All efforts were concentrated on damaging the Ark but it was in vain. Earth's surface was forever changed and now humanity is forced to live in the only zone that wasn't wiped out. This is Pangaea and its inhabitants are the last survivors of the once flourishing human civilization. The new continent is a merciless wasteland that tests survivors skills on daily basis. Pangaea players take the role of a survivor and discover how's it like to live in a world where making it through the day alive is a big accomplishment.

Character development is one important Pangaea feature because players come in contanct with the game world through their characters. Skills, gear and weapons are needed in this dangerous world. There are a ton of abilities, professions, perks and skills to choose from. The main game objective is to explore and discover Pangaea's secrets. Pangaea is a MMO FPS so players are encouraged to team up and adventure into the unknown together. This doesn't mean that those who prefer single player don't stand a chance but it's always more fun to play with a group of like minded people. Co-op mode allows up to 30 players to take part in the same activity. PvE and PvP events provide diverse content. The PvE mode offers players the chance to complete quests and to fight all sorts of monsters. Pangaea implements a dynamic system that generates quests for other players when one player is working towards a certain quest. Combat is designed to be challenging with mobs that behave in a smart way. PvP activities allow players to battle each other.

Player can interact in many ways and trading is one of them. Pangaea has a player created economy where all items on the market are crafted by players. Crafting mats are gathered from the many unique zones that make up the world. Game areas are actually geozones with different flora, fauna and climate. Pangaea New World is one of the MMO games that feature a giant world with no instanced areas. This means that players won't get loading screens when they travel. There is also one server for all players. Pangaea is available as a buy to play game on Windows, Mac OS X, XBOX One and PS4.

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