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Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Crystal Sale
There are a lot of ways that mmo games can inform players about an upcoming sale. Players might see a press release about the sale or an upbeat post on the game's forums. However, the absolute best way has just been shown by Hi-Rez Studios as they tout their Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Crystal Sale, which starts today. Prepare to enjoy some cheesy glory as the sale is announced as a used car TV commercial.The Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Cryst...
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Aug 08 2017
Paladins Invitational adds more regions
It appears that the latest offering by Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins, has made a very positive impression upon mmo fps players. The beginning of the Paladins open beta has been extremely successful as the game has cracked the Steam's Top 10 Games in terms of player count. In addition, Hi-Rez has announced that the first Paladins Invitational tournament to be held in January, 2017, will now feature teams from additional regions.The Paladins Invitat...
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Sep 26 2016
Paladins China release deal announced
It can be harder than it looks to create a localized version of an online game, and such an endeavor can be beyond the capabilities of some game companies. This is why you'll often see mmo developers create a partnership with a local company to bring the online game to that particular region. News has broken that there will be a Paladins China release of the mmofps due to Hi-Rez Studios inking a deal with Tencent.Of the deal that will foster ...
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Sep 09 2016
Mick Larkins interview reveals Paladins features
There's been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the Paladins mmofps and for good reason. Hi-Rez Studios kind of surprised most gamers with the announcement of the game's development, and then there's some of the unique features of the game, such as the card-based mechanics. A recent interview with Executive Producer Mick Larkins with the Tech vertical for showcased some of the interesting Paladins features players can look forward to a...
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Jan 18 2016
paladins founders tournament
It wasn't that long ago that the idea of Founder's Packs and Founder's Subscriptions was a novel idea. The concept of granting early access and exclusive content to the first adopters to buy into a game idea is a refreshing change to the pre-order and crowdfunding process of developing games, but it has quickly grown stale. Most Founder's programmes rolling out now follow the same, cookie-cutter formulas, with mmo fans already having a good idea ...
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Dec 16 2015
Paladins closed beta begins
Unlike the developers of other moba games, Hi-Rez Studios continues to work on creating additional games besides their popular SMITE. Their latest entry is a mmofps that really flew under the radar and was just announced a short time ago. Now Hi-Rez Studios announce that the Paladins closed beta has begun, and players with a beta key can immediately begin downloading and playing the game. What makes Paladins interesting is that it combines the ac...
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Nov 17 2015