The Summer Games are Returning to Overwatch

By Jeff Francis
Overwatch Summer Games returning for 2017

The days of summer are slowing ticking away, meaning that school is looming ever closer for many people. Fortunately, there's still one fun-filled mmo event on the horizon that will provide some mayhem and entertainment before the real world comes crashing back in. Blizzard just announced that the Overwatch Summer Games are coming back and are set to begin on August 8th.

As for this year's Overwatch Summer Games, it appears that the developers have listened to what players had to say about the event last year and have implemented some changes. One key point is that cosmetic items from the 2016 event will return this year. Legendary skins from 2016 will cost 1000 credits while epic skins will cost 250 credits. Rare tier cosmetic items will cost players 75 credits, and common tier cosmetics will cost 25 credits.

The new cosmetic items for this year's Overwatch Summer Games will cost 3000 credits for legendary skins, 750 credits for epic skins, 225 credits for rare tier cosmetics, and 75 credits for common tier. As for loot boxes, there has been a major change in that players of the mmo fps should see a drastic reduction in duplicates. (Yay!)

Lucioball returns for the 2017 edition of the Overwatch Summer Games. Those who play 10 games will get a special spray. The top 500 players in each region will get another special spray. There have been some tweaks to Lucioball as well. A new map, Sydney, is being introduced, and matches will rotate between the new map and the previous map, Rio Stadiums. The ability to "boop" enemies has been removed, and Lucio's ultimate ability will no longer pull the ball towards the player but will increase his speed and the speed of his "boop." Players can also rank in Lucioball by taking part in the competitive mode.

The Overwatch Summer Games will run August 8th through the 29th.


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