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  • Operation 7: character

    Operation 7: character
    Pick from a handful of characters and customize them through these sliders before jumping into the tutorial....
    Operation 7: character

    Operation 7: tutorial

    Operation 7: tutorial
    Operation 7 uses many controls from other FPs style games. There are a few new options that may make it worth playing through the ...
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    Operation 7: store

    Operation 7: store
    The in game store is a place to purchase items with in game currency or microtransactions....
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    Operation 7: games

    Operation 7: games
    In this match, the objective is to protect our general while killing the enemy general. After dying, you have a few seconds of inv...
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Operation 7 Gameplay

Operation 7 Gameplay

Operation 7 is an action packed free mmofps, developed by ParkESM and published by Mgame. Operation 7 playable characters can be customized by changing equipped items. There are a few characters models to choose from so you don't look like other players. Players can select a male or female Operation 7 avatar. However, character appearance is not the most exciting feature of Operation 7. The important aspect is weapon customization. Operation 7 weapons are made of 6 different parts. Another feature worth mentioning is the importance of sound effects. Players' awareness will be raised as they must camouflage not just their movement but also the noise they make. Operation 7 is a game that will heighten your senses. There are multiple game modes and each one has different rules.

Players can form teams and choose one of the 5 Operation 7 game modes to prove their skills and fighting techniques. Deathmatch is about getting more kills than the enemy team. In Headhunting mode, one player of each team becomes the head and it must be killed by the opposing team. Survival mode ends when a team takes down all enemy players. Demolition mode is a blow up/defend target Operation 7 scenario. In Hold the Line mode, teams fight to capture the flag and conquer bases. Operation 7 free mmo supports teams of 12 players. Each Operation 7 mode can be played on a variety of maps. Maps differ in size, setting and each one has its particularities. Knowing how to choose weapons when playing a certain Operation 7 mode is very important. The WBS (weapon building system) is the Operation 7 feature for customizing weapons. The 6 component parts of a weapon: body, barrel, barrel cover, magazine, sight and butt plate can be changed. The whole point in customizing weapons is to make them more suitable for different scenarios and to match various play styles. Besides fire weapons, players also carry and use grenades and knives. Operation 7 players can equip outfits not just for fashion purposes but to enhance their combat capabilities and to gain XP faster.

Operation 7 has a ranking system divided into 3 main levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. Each level has sublevels. Operation 7 cash shop has a good selection of useful items and also funky costumes. Players can form and join Operation 7 clans. All sorts of events are regularly hosted. Event schedule can be seen on Operation 7 official website. Operation 7 is a great mmofps for those who like fast paced PvP and shooting games.

By Rachel Rosen

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