Offensive Combat cranks out king of the hill-style map for Halloween

By Michael Jamias
offensive combat trigger mortis map

You’ll be jumping, shooting and ganging up on super-powered undead in Offensive Combat’s new for-Halloween-only map, Trigger Mortis.

The free MMOFPS game sets up the new map in a hilly graveyard, which you can check out in the official developer stream recording below. (Jump to the 32:30 mark.)

In the video, Offensive Combat honcho Chris Archer describes Trigger Mortis as a king of the hill-style map with a big top location that has a maximum view of the circle fight zone below. We also see through the gameplay footage that the map will have strategically placed launchers that will catapult players to different locations, which should offer cool mmofps tactics for escaping or chasing enemies.

Trigger Mortis will be available for a short period only, so players will do well to get in as much pwning done before the spooky map returns to the grave.

Offensive Combat also gets into the mischievous mood with the rest of the MMORPG world by rolling out a cache of hard-hitting hallowed weapons. Here’s a rundown:

- “Baryshnikov” assault rifle

- “Bad Apple, Lollipopper”

- “Sparkle Whacker” melee weapons

- “Pumpkin Bomb” grenade

Halloween weapon skins will also be available for a handful of classic blasters, including“K36″ assault rifle, “Havoc” assault rifle, “M82 Ferret” sniper rifle, “Pee 90″ SMG, “Razer” SMG, and he “Furrberg” shotgun.

And to top it off, there will be five new characters to choose fromL “Alien, Mucko the Clown, Mummy, Superhero,” and “Zombie,” with the last one sure to become a fan favorite focus target.


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