Offensive Combat lands on Facebook

By Michael Jamias
offensive combat lands on facebook

The browser-based free to play mmo shooter Offensive Combat expands to the Facebook platform as a new playable app.

Offensive Combat is included in the Action games section of the Facebook App Center, and has attracted an initial 500,000 active players, according to developer U4iA Games.

The frenzied fps mmo delivers an exciting and conveniently accessible shooter action to the 251 million people who play games in every month. It will also require a download and installation of the Unity Web Player to support its high 3D gaming graphics.

"We designed Offensive Combat for a fast-growing segment of core gamers who want a fine-tuned, eSport-level FPS game that can be played anywhere, anytime via their web browser, and not limited by a major software install or the need for dedicated hardware," said Chris Archer, co-founder and CCO of U4iA Games.

Like the browser version, the Facebook version of Offensive Combat will include a robust skill and weapon customization, as well as nine playable maps. The game will be similarly free to play with cash shop elements. As a sign-up promotion, gamers will be allowed to invite their friends and receive in-game coins for themselves and a buddy. The coins can then be spent on a number of convenience items, cosmetic gear and combat boosts.


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