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offensive combat lands on facebook
The browser-based free to play mmo shooter Offensive Combat expands to the Facebook platform as a new playable app. Offensive Combat is included in the Action games section of the Facebook App Center, and has attracted an initial 500,000 active players, according to developer U4iA Games. The frenzied fps mmo delivers an exciting and conveniently accessible shooter action to the 251 million people who play games in every month. It w...
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Jan 07 2013
offensive combat trigger mortis map
You’ll be jumping, shooting and ganging up on super-powered undead in Offensive Combat’s new for-Halloween-only map, Trigger Mortis. The free MMOFPS game sets up the new map in a hilly graveyard, which you can check out in the official developer stream recording below. (Jump to the 32:30 mark.)In the video, Offensive Combat honcho Chris Archer describes Trigger Mortis as a king of the hill-style map with a big top location that has a maximum...
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Oct 18 2012