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    Nexuiz: match
    Multiplayer games are 4v4 death matches. This training game will just keep going until I am done....
    Nexuiz: match

    Nexuiz: kill

    Nexuiz: kill
    Nexuiz is a very fast paced shooter. Keep the target in your sites and kill them quickly!...
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    Nexuiz: bots
    Bot matches can be a good way to practice on the maps of Nexuiz....
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    Nexuiz: powerups

    Nexuiz: powerups
    Watch for powerups during your game. You can find extra armor, ammo, and new weapons....
    Nexuiz: powerups

Nexuiz Gameplay

Nexuiz Gameplay

Nexuiz is an arena mmo fps developed by Illfonic and distributed by THQ for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows. Nexuiz is a remake of the classic Nexuiz developed by Alientrap back in 2005. One of the major differences between the Nexuiz 2012 and Nexuiz Classic is the game engine. The old one was based on DarkPlaces, a Quake engine, while the new one uses CryEngine3. Story wise, there isn’t much to tell about Nexuiz. There are two factions at war, the Kavussari and the Forsellians, but Nexuiz isn’t a story driven fps. There is an intro movie that explains the conflict.

The graphical improvements over the classic Nexuiz can be seen in all 9 available maps (or arenas). The art style has a Victorian flavor with futuristic elements. Nexuiz has just 2 modes: Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. The maximum player setup is 4 versus 4. The mutator system is the feature that makes every match unique. As the name suggests mutators are ways to modify the game. Mutators will appear in certain places in all 9 arenas. When you pick up a mutator you will have to choose one of the following effects: use the mutator on yourself, use it on one team or use it on everyone. The effect is completely random. There are more than 100 Nexuiz mutators and each works in a different way. Some mutators will change your perception on the surroundings, some will equip everyone with a jet pack, some will power up your weapons and so on. At a first glance, the mutator system may seem to affect game balance. Nexuiz has a strong design behind the mutator system. Even if there is a certain level of randomization Nexuiz mmo doesn’t have balance issues. Skill and experience are what counts the most. Nexuiz is an fps made for multiplayer. Nexuiz doesn’t have a single player campaign. That is probably the main reason for the minimal story. This shows that Illfonic developers know what an fps player wants. Fans of this genre prefer the player versus player experience. You can play all 9 maps against bots if you want to train your skills or practice new strategies but that’s pretty much all the single player content. There is a large variety of weapons and even the basic ones can prove to be deadly.

Nexuiz is an fps with a really fast pace. Speed is the key element here. Simplicity is another characteristic of Nexuiz. Nexuiz maintains its focus on gameplay and multiplayer experience. All you need is a good internet connection, server stability and a reliable team and you’ll be hooked up on Nexuiz mmofps in no time.

By Rachel Rosen

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