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  • Natural Selection 2: Hive

    Natural Selection 2: Hive
    One of the main goals for the Alien team is to protect its hive....
    Natural Selection 2: Hive

    Natural Selection 2: Aliens

    Natural Selection 2: Aliens
    The Alien team's infenstation continues to grow outward from the hive as they iincrease their influence throughout the map. ...
    Natural Selection 2: Aliens

    Natural Selection 2: Armory

    Natural Selection 2: Armory
    The Marine team may use the armory to upgrade weapons, resupply, or heal. ...
    Natural Selection 2: Armory

    Natural Selection 2: Exo Suit

    Natural Selection 2: Exo Suit
    One of the most lethal weapons in the Marine arsenal is a metal exoskeleton suit. This suit is often not available until later i...
    Natural Selection 2: Exo Suit

Natural Selection 2 Gameplay First Look

Natural Selection 2 Gameplay First Look

Natural Selection 2, developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is a sci-fi MMOFPS available on Steam. The two combatant forces are humans and aliens. The human characters are called Frontiersmen. The alien race is named Kharaa. Players select one of the 2 factions. Natural Selection 2 mechanics are a mix of shooter elements with real time strategy features. The action is fast paced. Each race fights for survival. Humans and aliens have different combat strategies and use distinct abilities. As a human, your goal is to group up with other Natural Selection 2 human players, find and destroy alien lairs. Aliens counterattack by using lerks, onos, skulks and other specific methods.

There are no single player Natural Selection 2 missions. All content is specifically designed for MMO FPS action. As a member of one of the 2 factions, you must do whatever it takes to win the match. Because each race has unique mechanics it’s useful to know how to play them both. It will be easier to win Natural Selection 2 matches when you know what to expect from your enemy. Natural Selection 2 matches are not only about taking down other players. You will also have to build various structures. Gathering resources is important because building and research technologies cost resources. Natural Selection 2 human players use the armory to get new weapons and upgrades. Sentry turrets and siege cannons are used to annihilate alien players. Flamethrowers are a must for cleaning alien plagues. Natural Selection 2 alien players use traps and are able to build special chambers to enhance their abilities. Human defensive and offensive structures are powered with electricity. Aliens have the ability to take down power supplies making the human offensive extremely vulnerable.

Each Natural Selection 2 match is unique. The starting location is randomly decided for each team at the beginning of the match. Knowing your enemy’s location is crucial. Scouting must be done before building a home base. Natural Selection 2 has a content editor that uses WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing tools. Using this Natural Selection 2 feature players can create new weapons or game modes. Even the Lua code is available. Natural Selection 2 is one of the MMO games that are constantly updated with new content, items and abilities. The latest Natural Selection 2 update is called Gorgeous. A tutorial was added to help new players. Graphics have been enhanced and animation quality has been improved. Spectator mode has been added. Natural Selection 2 was called a “genius mash of Counter Strike and StarCraft”.

By Rachel Rosen

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