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  • Moon Breakers: ships

    Moon Breakers: ships
    As you play Moon Breakers you can unlock new ships. To start off we have a basic fighter and bomber....
    Moon Breakers: ships

    Moon Breakers: upgrades

    Moon Breakers: upgrades
    When you find a ship that you like, stick with it. You can customize and upgrade your ships....
    Moon Breakers: upgrades

    Moon Breakers: progression

    Moon Breakers: progression
    Playing in matches gives you credits. These can be used to buy new ships and upgrades....
    Moon Breakers: progression

    Moon Breakers: combat

    Moon Breakers: combat
    Moon Breakers is a team based ship combat game. It feels very similar to a team death match FPS....
    Moon Breakers: combat

Moon Breakers gameplay

Moon Breakers gameplay

Moon Breakers is a free, sci-fi mmofps, developed by Imba Entertainment and published by Uber Entertainment. Moon Breakers can be played as a Google Chrome app, just like a browser mmo with no download required. It can also be downloaded via Steam and installed on your computer. The important resource that is also used as a currency is Helium-3. Two factions, the Pirates and the Government, fight over a moon that is Helium-3 rich. Players pilot space ships using mouse and key controls. Helium-3 can be used just like in game money to buy new ships and various boosts. Cred is a pilot’s rating, it’s earned from matches and is used to purchase ship upgrades.

There are 2 Moon Breakers PvP modes: carrier assault and search and destroy. Carriers are bases and each team struggles to take down the enemy base. Points are rewarded for killing enemy players and base assaults. If bases are not taken down, the team with most points wins the match. Search and Destroy is a team death match. The first team to get 50 kills wins. If time runs out and no team has achieved 50 kills, the team with most kills wins. The Hangar is the place where you can get new ships and upgrades in exchange for Helium-3 or Cred. Each ship can be upgraded up to 5 times. The upgrades are stackable so this means you won’t lose previous upgrades when applying new ones. Upgrades can boost a ship’s speed, increase defense and several other bonuses to fire power and afterburner. The Lobby is the place where players hang out when not in a fight. There is a mmo chat system that allows communication between all players, no matter the chosen side. When in a match, players can easily send predefined messages (“base under attack”, “help needed” etc.) by using the 1 – 0 keys.

Ships are a Moon Breakers player most valuable asset. There are 3 categories: light fighters, heavy fighters and bombers. Light Fighters have great speed and survivability but lack defense and fire power. Rockets and beam canons are weapons mounted on light fighters. Heavy Fighters are the best fighting Moon Breakers damage dealing ships. Their main weapons are canons. These canons are slow but have a very high range and unmatched damage potential. The other types of Heavy Fighter weapons are tracking missiles. Bombers have great defense and are armed with nuclear torpedoes. They are the best choice for bombing and taking down enemy base. Customizing ships and taking part in PvP matches are Moon Breakers mmo fps main gameplay aspects.

By Rachel Rosen

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