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  • Mission Against Terror: char

    Mission Against Terror: char
    Decide between a male or female character and pick your character name. Character creation is fast in Mission Against Terror....
    Mission Against Terror: char

    Mission Against Terror: equip

    Mission Against Terror: equip
    Your new character start off with a few basic items and gain more at level 5. I'll equip my new bazooka and bunny ears....
    Mission Against Terror: equip

    Mission Against Terror: store

    Mission Against Terror: store
    As you earn gold and silver, you can buy items from the in game store....
    Mission Against Terror: store

    Mission Against Terror: fps

    Mission Against Terror: fps
    Mission Against Terror is a MMOFPS. Get ready to battle in team death match style games....
    Mission Against Terror: fps

Mission Against Terror Gameplay

Mission Against Terror Gameplay

Mission Against Terror (or MAT) is a mmofps developed by Kingsoft and published by Suba Games. Mission Against Terror can be played by hardcore shooter fans but casual gamers will find it enjoyable as well. Players can customize their character appearance and the Mission Against Terror shop contains lots of items. Mission Against Terror supports Dolby Axon sound technology that allows players to change their voice. Mission Against Terror tells the story of a world controlled by a powerful and evil organization called New World Order. The Freedom Fighters is an alliance that fights back and tries to stop the New World Order. After 10 years or war, no one knows which ones are the bad guys anymore. It's up to players to make a change.

Mission Against Terror starts with 2 tutorial missions to get players familiarized with game basics. You can return and play the tutorial missions at any time, even if you skipped them in the beginning. Mission Against Terror features a good variety of game modes. Players will be divided into 2 teams: the blue team and the red team. In Bomb mode, the red team tries to detonate a bomb to destroy a certain target and the blue team is in charge of defending the target by defusing the bomb. In Ghost mode, the red team transforms into phantoms and can use only melee weapons. This team has to destroy an objective and the blue team must stop them. Deathmatch mode is a free for all mode. In Mummy mode a players transforms into anubis and starts infecting other players. The uninfected players must stop them. Team Deathmatch mode winning condition is getting more kills than the other team. Tank Wars mode is just like team deathmatch but with tanks. These are classic fps modes. Mission Against Terror free mmo features other modes like: dragon emperor, occupy, ai, terminator, snowball, bounty, hybrid and pk.

Weapons are one of the most used Mission Against Terror items. There are 2 weapon categories: primary and secondary. Both of them have a wide weapons selection. One weapon with a rather weird use is Lover Fury M4A1. It's pink and should be used to protect your significant other. If you think that's inappropriate for a fps mmo game, you should know that Mission Against Terror supports in game marriages. Another unusual feature is dancing. Players can dance to replenish HP. Grenades turn their targets into funny animals. Mission Against Terror has a guild system so players can group up and organize themselves. Mission Against Terror is a very competitive game. There are Mission Against Terror tournaments that reward winners with cash prizes.

By Rachel Rosen


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