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By Tam Mageean
minimum return

Last summer, TimeGame Studios, known best for their work on Section 8 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, filed for bankruptcy, and with that, dreams of their upcoming mmo hybrid, Minimum, faded away.

Fortunately, the fans weren't the only people who saw promise in the free to play mmo, and the Developers at Human Head, of Prey fame, decided to take the stranded title onboard.

Minimum takes inspiration from all corners of gamining, from sandbox, voxel-based virtual worlds stylings, to MOBA tactics and merges them all onto a single mmofps platform, which in itself, is reminiscent of Titanfall, due to its soldiers and titans combination.

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Players can take on enemies, gather resources, craft items, and aid titans to push their team onward to victory.

Now that Human Head are running the show, Minimum early access is pushing forward and should be with us some time this spring on Steam. There's been no talk yet on whether the new developers plan on keeping the mmo free to play, and the word "purchase" has appeared on the site, referring to the game's launch, but hopefully, now that the wheels are turning again, more will be revealed soon.

Learn more about the revamped Minimum here, and keep an eye on Steam early access, where it should be available to download shortly.


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