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  • Miner Wars: tutorial

    Miner Wars: tutorial
    When you enter 'Story Mode' for Miner wars, you go through a tutorial at first which teaches you some of the basics of the game. H...
    Miner Wars: tutorial

    Miner Wars: destroy

    Miner Wars: destroy
    Like a first person shooter, deal with enemies by getting them in your crosshairs and shooting....
    Miner Wars: destroy

    Miner Wars: Missiles

    Miner Wars: Missiles
    Missiles are far more effective than bullets at dealing with enemy ships. Remember that you only have 1000 when you start....
    Miner Wars: Missiles

    Miner Wars: damage

    Miner Wars: damage
    You are not invincible. If you take enough hull damage, your ship will be destroyed....
    Miner Wars: damage

Miner Wars Gameplay

Miner Wars Gameplay

Miner Wars is a free MMOFPS space combat title that combines various MMORPG mechanics with a unique survival based theme. Miner Wars takes place in the year 2081 in a post-apocalyptic solar system a decade after the destruction of the Human home-world, Earth. The remaining population scour the galaxy in search of resources and settlements, but both are in thin supply forcing the survivors to fight to survive.

Miner Wars has been built using the VRAGE engine, a program that was specifically designed to help develop Miner Wars. The VRAGE engine features many benefits, with the most notable being the highly destructible environments. While traveling through space players are able to destroy everything they see, from that small moon circling your enemies stronghold to huge asteroids. This unique environment adds a level of tactics and strategy rarely seen in a MMORPG game, allowing players to destroy their enemies cover, or destroying something to provide better cover for themselves. Players will be able to use the destructible environments to their advantage by burrowing into an asteroid and preparing for a surprise attack on unsuspecting passersby, or even burrow deep to the center of the asteroid and construct their base of operations.

Miner Wars also features an extensive ship customization system that allows players to create an almost endless variety of different ships. Each ship follows a base type, with each base type being specialized in certain roles, such as defense, attack damage or maneuverability. Cunning players will carefully select which ship they want to pilot based on what they plan to do. Every ship can be customized by adding a huge variety of items, some of which increase your storage capacity or the strength of your hull, while others improve your weapons and engines.

Miner Wars features more than just in-depth ship customization and a highly destructible environment, the game also supports PvP on a massive scale. Up to 300 ships are supported in each sector, allowing players and guilds to participate in 150v150 intense PvP battles.

By Rachel Rosen

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