Microvolts whips out Winter Warfare update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts winter warfare update

New stone cold killer weapons, frosty fighters and cool accessories bring new chills and thrills to the third-person mmo fps.

This latest Microvolts update named Winter Warfare rolls out an arsenal of freezing firearms: Icicle Rifles, Ice Core Gatling Guns and Crystal Swords. “You might want to wear mittens before handling the brand new stone cold killer weapons,” said developer Rock Hippo Productions.

MMO shooters can also join the Old Man Winter’s army “to unleash devastating forces of nature on unprepared enemy soldiers” and assume the form of Glacies C.H.I.P., Snowflake Pandora or Glacier Naomi.

Stylish costumes fit for the snowy holiday are also available, including the toasty Dragon Toque or the cute Rabit and Bunny Ears.

Accessories aficionados should also be on the lookout for lots of new collectibles. From Roy-Ban Shaders, Boosters, and Bass Speakers, these seemingly frilly items can bring great cheer on sight.

Microvolts cash shop patrons are also in for wonderful Winter discounts, including 30% off Battery Rechargers, Battery Expansion and Upgrade Resets.

All players are also invited to stop by their local Micro World health clinic where the lovely Medic and First Aid Naomi will give some amusing tips on how to fight nasty viruses and germs that proliferate during winter.


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